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The Doctor Makes The Difference

Consumers have often been led to believe that high-tech lasers do all the work so that excellent surgical outcomes are a given, and that the only difference between surgeons is the cost of the procedure. The truth is, excellent outcomes are directly dependent on the surgeon’s abilities and their uncompromising commitment to your care.

Our Track Record

LASIK has a lengthy learning curve; consistent surgical outcomes are gained only by complete mastery of one's craft. While laser correction is an amazing procedure, LASIK results can vary widely between surgeons. Patients who achieve even moderate success with LASIK are often delighted with their improved vision – not realizing their results could have been much better in the hands of a skilled surgeon.

At Tennessee Lasik, we are very proud of our record of providing safe, predictable results far better than the national average.

  • LASIK Experience: 30,000 procedures
  • Years of Experience: 24 (Since 1996)
  • Average Outcome:
    • 20/40 or better (legal driving): 98%
    • 20/20 or better: 95%
    • Better than 20/20: 70%
  • Range of Treatment: Nearsighted: -1.00 to -10.00 (dependent on corneal thickness)
Our Results

Patient Testimonials

In Our Patients' Own Words

There's no stronger statement than the personal praise and thanks from our patients. Hearing that their trust in Tennessee Lasik was the "best decision of their life" makes it worth all of our effort, preparation and investment.

We love our jobs, and we think it shows. But, don't take our word for it

"At my follow-up appointment the next day, my vision was already 20/20 (what some people call “perfect” vision). At my 1-week, 1-month, and yesterday’s 3-month checkups, my vision had stabilized at a solid 20/15! Better than perfect! This is absolutely the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. No more contacts or glasses!"

Randy Webber LASIK Patient

"LASIK surgery is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself. In my line of work, glasses are a risky thing; one wrong move in a confrontation, and you’re in a bad spot. I’ve recommended LASIK to several deputies in the department."

Herb Roland LASIK Patient | Detective

"If I had known what my outcome was going to be, I would have had LASIK done a long time ago. I would recommend it to anybody that has to wear glasses or contact lenses. It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock!"

Karen Knowles LASIK Patient | Advertising Coordinator

"With Dr. Stewart’s knowledge, skill, and keen eye, and the Will of God blowing my way, everything went painlessly, quickly, and successfully. The whole time in surgery took no more than ten minutes. On my left eye procedure in July, I don’t remember a thing because of the anesthesia. This time, for some inexplicable reason, I remained conscious through the whole thing, but still experienced no pain or apprehension. I trust Dr. Colby Stewart..."

Read Bill's Story

Bill McCurdy Cataract Patient
Our Results

Our Promise

Committed to Your Care

Your eyes are a precious gift – your most important connection to the world around you. Dr. Stewart views your eye care as his personal responsibility. That’s why he is constantly investing in the best technology available, researching safer and better surgical techniques and training his staff to provide the best support care in the industry.

Our Promise to You:

  • We will provide you with the best care available – investing in the equipment, skills and staff necessary to ensure you receive the best vision results possible.
  • We will never cut corners with your eye care.
  • A member of Dr. Stewart’s team or network of partner physicians will always be available to answer your questions and provide the immediate care you need.
  • We will provide payment options so that most patients can afford the quality eye care they deserve.

Lifetime Enhancement Policy

The Tennessee Lasik Life-Time Enhancement Plan is our commitment to helping our patients maintain the best vision possible for the rest of their lives. It is our statement of confidence in the long-term visual stability of laser vision correction and the excellent results we have achieved for over a decade. While no one can guarantee patients a lifetime of perfect vision as a result of laser vision correction, we can provide patients with lifetime care to help them maintain the best possible vision. Almost every patient treated at Tennessee Lasik will have the opportunity to participate in our Life-Time Enhancement Plan.

How Does the Lifetime Enhancement Work?

The patient and the Tennessee Lasik medical team agree on the level of correction to be achieved, and which laser vision correction technique – such as, LASIK, PRK, or monovision -- will produce the best result for the patient. In those very few instances when the desired correction is not achieved in the initial procedure and the Tennessee Lasik medical team is confident that a second procedure is likely to improve the visual outcome, the patient will receive an enhancement at no cost. 

Who Is Eligible?

Nearly all Tennessee Lasik patients are eligible for the Life-time Enhancement Plan. Patients with extreme degrees of pathological myopia and/or astigmatism*, and hyperopic patients, will not qualify. Eligibility will be established at the time of the initial evaluation. Patients who qualify for the Life-Time Enhancement Plan must complete all of the required post-operative visits in order to remain eligible for the Life-Time Enhancement Plan. In addition, patients must complete an eye exam every 12-18 months. This eye exam may be performed at Tennessee LASIK, for a fee, or by an optometrist of your choice. If patient chooses to have eye exams performed at a different facility, that patient must ensure Tennessee Lasik receives the exam on a routine basis.


If at any time during the course of a laser vision correction patient's lifetime, the patient's vision drops below 20/40, or a comparable deterioration for patients who were not correctable to 20/20 at the time of treatment, that patient will be retreated at no additional cost, as long as the patient has met the requirements of the TLA Life-Time Enhancement Plan. Retreatment must be related to myopic, hyperopic or astigmatic regression or refractive error caused by natural physiological changes. Reductions in visual acuity due to disease, accident or other unrelated permanent or temporary conditions are not eligible. Patients with a complicated surgical course also may be prevented from having further surgery. Presbyopia, the common condition requiring corrective reading glasses as one ages, cannot be treated with a laser and is not covered by the Life-Time Enhancement Plan. Other future modalities, or advancements in technology of treating presbyopia, or refractive error, will not be included in the Life-Time Enhancement Plan. The Stewart Lasik physician will make the decision of retreatment in the best interest of the patient. 

Patient Requirements to Maintain Eligibility

  • Patient must complete all required post-operative visits
  • Patient must have an eye exam every 12-18 months
  • A fee applies to all routine eye exams performed at TLA
  • Eye exams performed elsewhere must be sent to TLA every 12-18 months